About - Equi' Khoutûre (HappiNess Therapy) Maison Ecologique


Artisanat Nomade d'inspiration ethnique, vêtements en lin, confort et bien-être du cheval et de son cavalier. 

Life is a Journey of Inspiration. We invite you to our Nomadic Crafts.
- Our harem pants: Ethnic, wide or elegant, baggy, men's suits, dresses and overalls for women. Casual or dressed, harem pants are available for your pleasure.
- Our linen tunics, t-shirts, original and comfortable shirts for men and women.
- Accessories: precious jewels, watches and clocks, litho-therapy, survival bracelets and rope and leather creations.
- HappiNess Therapy: #Bujo well-being, thinness, nutrition, organization, coaching, pleasure and creativity.
- The horse: innovative rope halters, saddle pads, beanies, book and paper pads
- The rider: My Equestrian Bujo, essential to the organization of the rider. An organizer, agenda, riding journal, photos of your riding years, your hikes, your competitions. Pants of equitation comfortable and made-to-measure.
- The Eco House offers themed stays from June to September.

Our vocation is not to produce and consume until the end of our lives but to love, admire and take care of life in all its forms.

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