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The creation of La Maison Ecologique has its roots in the reading of "Our planet in danger". Angélique and David wanted to do their part in a process of environmental protection. The clothing industry does not hesitate to have children working in poor countries. It uses products from the petrochemical industry and practices mass production. We prefer to pamper our customers and communicate with respect around the world.
Our craft work has existed for a long time. We simply chose to promote ecological textiles, compostable, natural dyes and what helps to take care of man and his planet. We are committed to a quality approach including: zero waste, zero wastage. We create on demand and measures people who wish a durable garment in linen, hemp ... yak wool. We also use recovery and fair trade.

We decide what we consume!
The real needs have a natural limit: food, clothing, shelter, care.
The superfluous has no limit. It is the main cause of hyper-consumption that ruins our planet and prevents the basic needs and humanity are equitably satisfied.
(Pierre RABHI - The human species facing its becoming)

Our vocation is not to produce and consume until the end of our lives but to love, admire and take care of life in all its forms.

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